Frequently Asked Questions

Why Smart Screen?

What is Smart Screen Technologies?

Smart Screen has hacked the code on background checks with our Artificial Intelligence. You and your customers can rely on our industry expertise, smart technology, commitment to compliance, and excellent customer service. Call us at (646) 934-6192 to get reliable, fast, low-cost background checks from Smart Screen Technology.

Who is behind Smart Screen?

CEO Subrat Nayak leads Smart Screen. His years of experience as head of product strategy at big data and background check companies inspired him to create user-friendly, reliable, low-cost background checks for our customers. Subrat leads our team of expert technologists, dedicated salespeople, and innovate product specialists. After seeing so many loop holes within the current background checking industry, we wanted to give customers a true platform that didn’t put candidate data in some one else’s hands.

What makes Smart Screen checks so good?

We believe background checks should be inexpensive, reliable, and fast. Our expertise and technology provides all three.

What makes Smart Screen's data so good?

We’re plugged into thousands of data sources so that we can get the best information available. We look for information in multiple sources whenever possible to give our customers the most complete information we can find. And our machine learning helps us find the right data about the people we check, and we source data directly instead of relying on third party vendors, so it’s as fresh as possible.

Do I need Smart Screen to run background checks on my candidates and employees?

Background checks help lower your risks before you hire a new employee or allow someone on your platform. Smart Screen can help you check whether you and your customers are in business with people who have the right qualifications and backgrounds. And our ReScreening technology will keep you up-to-date if anything in a background check changes.

Is Smart Screen accredited?

We are a member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners. We also have an A rating with Better Business Bureau. We are FCRA compliant as well.

How it Works

How do I order a Smart Screen background checks?

After you sign up, you can initiate background checks by sending candidates invitations through our web portal. We can have you up and running in less than a day. We also offer API integrations at no charge.

What type of background screenings does Smart Screen Tech provide?

With Smart Screen, you can do everything from verifying someone’s identity to checking the status of their professional licenses and whether they have criminal records. Click here to learn more about our screening products.

Can Smart Screen do the checks necessary for my industry?

We offer background checks tailored to specific jobs and industries. Custom packages are also available. Click here to learn how Smart Screen can meet your specific needs.

How long does a background check take?

You’ll get most of our results instantly. Some Checks, such as County Criminal Record Checks, cam take a few days or longer if the records are acheived. 93% of our checks have a turn around time of 24-48 hrs.

What will my candidates have to do?

We follow EEOC guidelines and make screening as easy as possible for candidates. Your candidates will: –click on an email link to enter our portal –enter their name, past names, DOB and SSN– all of which are required to get you accurate results –electronically sign the disclosure and authorization forms for their state –enter any other information you’ve asked us to check, such as their college degrees and trade licenses It will only take them a few minutes, and we’re here to help if they need us.

What about non-U.S. background checks?

We can run background checks in over 240 countries. Contact us for details.

Will Smart Screen integrate with my HR system?

We integrate with many HR systems. Contact us for details.

Privacy and Security

Does Smart Screen Tech sell my information or my applicant’s data?

No. We do not sell any information about you or your applicants to anyone.

How secure is Smart Screen Tech’s cloud-based solution?

Smart Screen maintains bank-grade security using 256-bit SSL encryption. All of our data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit, and we employ a state-of-the-art firewall and backup technology. Cloud storage helps us protect data from being lost, deleted or stolen.

Do background checks invade people's privacy?

We take privacy seriously. We only do background checks on people who have consented to the check and understand the process.

How can I delete my information from Smart Screen's system?

We take privacy seriously. We only do background checks on people who have consented to the check and understand the process.