Industries and Verticals

Health Care

While compliance remains the same throughout all of our background checks, there are certain industries that carry much higher risk when choosing the right employee. When hiring for a healthcare position, the people you decide on are being trusted to care Read More

Construction & Transportation

Construction and transportation jobs are compliant with DOT and other state and municipal regulations. Smart Screen is incredibly familiar with these regulations. Our team has developed a process that incorporates all regulations and recent updates to laws that integrate with our software. Read More

On-Demand Economy

We continue to progress into a society that demands immediate satisfaction. With this, Smart Screen works to provide screenings that reflect a persons lead time and punctuality. For industries in which these are dire for success, we strive to help employers Read More


The retail industry finds itself facing high turnover rates with a tight time period for hire; the loss of clients is dire to a company’s success, and so hiring new associates in a quick manner is key. Smart Screen offers incredibly quick Read More


Speed of service is always a priority for staffing companies that need applicants screened immediately so they can be on the job. While speed may be necessary, it should never jeopardize the reliability and accuracy of a background Read More

Small Business

When hiring for small businesses, terms like “flexible” and “wear many hats” are typically found in job descriptions. After all, a small business is a growing business and employees must be sure they can rely on the individuals Read More


Companies in the technology industry confront the same staffing challenges that other businesses face concerning how to be sure they hire the best of the best. Smart Screen will take the extra step to screen any theft or fraud on a Read More

Financial Service

Those in the financial industry understand the importance of ensuring that employees are accountable in every aspect of their jobs. These employees are being trusted with numerous dollar amounts every day. Read More


As non-profit organizations hire applicants and volunteers to service their clients, it is important that proper pre-employment screening takes place to protect against a dangerous environment. Smart Screen believes in guiding Read More