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Smart Screen best practices & compliance process functions

The laws that accompany the transaction of a background check can become somewhat of a daunting factor when customers are choosing to issue a screening. Because of this, Smart Screen has a process of compliance that is quick and easy. To implement this painless process, Smart Screen follows what we believe to be the five best practices that function to reflect our persistent and assured compliance. Additionally, these practices give way for our compliance to provide customers with the quickest, most dependent, and cost efficient screening program that there is to choose from. We adhere to the top standard of compliance through these values as they continue to nurture the outstanding growth of reputation and compliance that our company stands by:

  • Proceed with caution Smart Screen will never contact a previous employer mentioned as a reference without verbal consent from the candidate.
  • Independence The team at Smart Screen will always take measures to confirm that all past employment contact information for the candidate being scanned is true and reliable, i.e. a candidate’s reference is a prior boss or co-worker opposed to a friend or family member.
  • Consistency Smart Screen will always run on a foundation of standards that does not discriminate against any individual. No background check process will be contingent based upon a persons race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc.
  • Documentation Smart Screen will always keep record of efforts made to retrieve proof of evidence in our attempt to contact past employers, i.e. the documentation of phone calls and emails sent.
  • Take those extra few steps Smart Screen finds reference opportunities to be an aspect of the background checking process that all employers / customers should take advantage of.