We do Smarter Screening

Smart Screen was founded by industry veterans and technologists passionate about automating the background screening process. After working with top background check companies and speaking with hundreds of clients, we found that the logistics of the industry can cause confusion among customers and employees.

Our team decided that the process for screening needed to be modernized, simplified, and more affordable. Once taking these facets into consideration, the founders of Smart Screen saw the need to launch a new product in the background checking industry, and thus our company was born.


Why Smart Screen Tech

There are many things to consider when choosing what background checking company to use. Many companies offer the same solution, each saying it has exactly what you want. It is important the employer has a complete understanding of what differentiates a first-rate employment screening provider from a mediocre one. By choosing Smart Screen Tech, you can be confident that the information you receive is from a trusted navigator and innovator of global talent solutions.

Exceptional Candidate Experience

Smart Screen Tech helps candidates get hired for the right job. Better than any other provider, Smart Screen Tech uses its considerable resources to take the anxiety out of background checks by providing solutions – including a dedicated applicant care team – that deliver much-appreciated visibility, inclusivity, transparency and communication. We're proud to have earned a 99% satisfaction rate from candidates- this reflects well on the employers that choose to partner with us.

60 Countries and Territories

With today’s globalized workforce, it’s essential that your background check company can quickly procure candidate background information from around the world. Smart Screen Tech’s reach is vast, including background screening in more than 60 countries and territories. Our approach is flexible, too—our enterprise-wide customers can deploy a unified program across their global organization, while smaller employers can verify the multinational backgrounds of local candidates.

Deep Expertise and Experience

Background screening is a complicated process affected by legal issues, industry-specific best practices, and evolving considerations. A reliable background checking company is one that harbors long track records of success along with well-established experience in your particular industry. The team at Smart Screen boasts more than a combined 20 years of background screening expertise.

Expertise in Compliance

Risk mitigation is a key pillar of strong hiring. Smart Screen Tech proactively develops products and services that meet current and future screening needs. We also provide tools and outreach to help customers stay informed on ever-changing regulations.

Industries and Verticals

We have custom solutions tailored for your business and specific to your industry, Our Process and Compliance compliments to this vision.